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 On-off switch to keep or not to keep...... NOT TO KEEP!

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PostSubject: On-off switch to keep or not to keep...... NOT TO KEEP!    Mon 4 Feb - 14:23

In the past years , i have learned that a on off switch is pretty fun to have have , you are able to turn on and off the car when ever you want,
but as my driving skills became better , i have learned the hard way that on off switch can be a serious pain in the butt.

Let me tell you why

1.They are notorious to fail and on most rtr kits they are very poorly constructed

2. They corrode easily = fail

3. Any debris that can enter inside your car when ever you bash or trail run can hit the switch and cut your run , imagine running the amain race and getting out of the race because of a silly on off switch...

So what i do to mostly to all my rigs

Step 1. Cut the on off switch while the kit is not plugged and esc removed of the car

Step 2 . Cut a part of insulation on both wires and twist the ends

Step 3. Pre-tin both ends using at least a 40 watt soldering iron

step 4. Solder both wires together

Step 5. Put some electrical tape on the exposed wire you just soldered together

Step 6 . Cover the electrical take with some shrink wrap insulation

Step 7. You are now done

what this does is it will kick start your car each time you put in your battery
so always remember to turn on your transmitter FIRST , and then connect the battery!

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On-off switch to keep or not to keep...... NOT TO KEEP!
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